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Bespoke Inc - Importing Cars To Melbourne For Over 15 Years


+61 3 8555 2004

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  • Bespoke Storage!

    VEHICLE STORAGE Whether its your pride and joy or you just don’t have the room to store your un-finished project, Bespoke Storage are now offering a vehicle storage solution with a service that is truly Bespoke. With 7 days access and and situated in the eastern suburbs minutes from East-Link, convenience is a understatement!! Not only is it safe with 24hr CCTV it is also monitored by Guardian security 7 nights a week.


  • Bespoke Service Centre

    Bespoke Inc. can cater for all your general service and maintenance requirements. All our Mechanics are fully qualified and have over 20 years experienced combined and are dedicated to provide you with efficient and reliable service. Bespoke is not your cheapest service centre but as you might be aware you get what you pay for therefore quality is not compromised. We use only new parts so when something fails rest assured that there will be a warranty that covers it. The service centre is only open Monday to Friday but in emergencies can open for drop off's after hours making it easy when something does go wrong!


  • Odometer History

    Unfortunately, it is fact that many vehicles imported from Japan into Australia have incorrect odometer readings at the time of sale. Winding back odometers has been an issue for the consumer for a while now, but this problem now has a very simple solution. Bespoke are pleased to announce their new worldwide service retrieving Original registration documents. Bespoke Inc. is an Australian based company with more than 15 years experience importing, complying and selling cars. If you are buying a car and are concerned about the KMS? Do you own a car that you want to check?


  • Infiniti FX - The Encore

    Infiniti FX - Refined A four year warranty comes with the purchase of a new Infiniti vehicle. Quality made cars like the new Infiniti range are able to push the warranty package because they are put together with a lot of care down to the littlest details. If you’re able to spend a little more on a quality made car, then owning a vehicle like the new Infiniti FX is bound to be that much more satisfying to own and drive.


  • Volkswagon Scirocco

    Volkswagon Scirocco Have you ever heard the final movement of The Four Seasons: Summer by Vivaldi? You probably have, as this is one of the more popular pieces of Classical (OK, Baroque for the pedantic) music. This piece is a musical interpretation of the sirocco, a fierce, hot wind that often sweeps across the Mediterranean during the “Dog Days” of summer heat. This wind has inspired not only this musical masterpiece but also the VW Sirocco, a sports coupe from Volkswagen.


  • The Compliance Process

    The Compliance Process What is compliance?Compliance is modifications/check lists to a vehicle to make sure it is safe and complies with the Australian Design rules; basically every vehicle that has been brought into Australia needs to go through some form of compliance. Now every vehicle is different, so the items / modifications are going to vary a lot between make and models, as it all depends what the manufacture installed on the vehicle when it was originally built.


  • Nissan Elgrand - Everything You Need To Know

    A Minivan That Has it All? People movers have always had a utilitarian stigma attached to them, a necessity as your family grows or work commitments require extra seating. The result is usually an uninspired offering from companies wanting to cover all bases in their product range, but leaves a lot to be desired in terms of styling and design.


  • Aston Martin DB7

    Aston Martin DB7 Aston Martin was destined for history´s dust heap until the release of the DB7 in 1993. The release was facilitated by Ford´s purchasing of the car manufacturer. The DB7 was the easy stand out at the 1993 Geneva Salon – not only for the impressive array of XJ-S parts under the hood, but also because it just looked so darn good! The Series One´s once slender and masculine frame was applauded at the show however feedback from initial test-drives seemed to suggest that the car was lacking in build quality, braking and interior design.


  • Nissan Skyline V36 Coupe

    Nissan Skyline V36 Coupe The Nissan Skyline V36 Coupe represents a significant evolution on its predecessor, the Skyline V35, whilst still retaining many of its hallmark features. Sporting a V36 370GT engine, the coupe is a pleasure to drive with an elegant and lush leather interior with plenty of kit, a well-engineered chassis and much improved handling thanks largely to the resetting of the 4WAS four wheel steering system and more refined suspension tuning.


  • Infiniti FX

    Infiniti FX Introducing the FX 50S and the FX37 GT and FX37S. At the Forefront of Infiniti´s FX series is a magnificent 3-model line-up of the V8 charged FX50S, the V-6 powered FX37 GT and FX37S. All cars in the FX series are characterised by power, elegance, on-road pleasure and safety and as such the FX is essentially about merging sport with sophistication and is a credit to Infiniti’s renowned and design and technology skills. The series brings together the best of sports cars and SUVs with stunning design features, sporty structural elements and an advanced platform.


  • The Truth About Kilometers

    The Truth About Kilometers The unfortunate reality is that Australian dealers can´t reasonably plead innocence on the question of mileage any more. We explain all in this article.


  • Mercedes G55 AMG

    Mercedes G55 AMG If you are looking for a tough SUV then you can´t go any further than the Mercedes G55 AMG. This Urban Assault Vehicle has its limitation on the city streets, it was after all designed for the military, however its supercharged and indestructible, making it a perfect purchase for any off-road adventurers and features all the precision and attention to detail that you´d expect from the expert German manufacturers at Mercedes-Benz.


  • Think Tundra

    Thing About A Tundra With Australia being the home home of the Ute, the Toyota Tundra is getting restless overseas. Its ready to make the trip to OZ, so Bespoke Inc are putting the word out. Take a read through this article, these fantastic cars will be be on a boat soon. How do they compare to your current Ute, Maybe its time for an UPGRADE!


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Think Tundra

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